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Kinco G070 G070E G070E-CAN HMI Touch Screen 7 inch 800*480 Ethernet 1 USB Host new Human Machine Interface RS232 RS422 RS485


The software is free(we can send it by email if you can’t download it by yourself)
What`s the difference between G070 and G070E ?
G070 : no Ethernet,can replace MT4414T,it`s the same hole size
G070E :have Ethernet,can replace MT4414TE,it`s the same hole size
G070 and G070E support RS232,RS485 ,RS422 communication port
MT4414T and MT4414TE support RS232,RS485 communication port



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Kinco G070 G070E G070E-CAN HMI Touch Screen

  • Brand: Kinco
  • Product Code: G070/G070E/G070E-CAN
  • Availability: 10000
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