Factory direct laser engraving machine chiller
Model a variety of details, please consult customer service
  1. Refrigeration capacity of 1400W
  2. Small size, longevity and durable, easy to operate;
  3. Temperature control accuracy ± 0.1-1.0 ℃ arbitrary adjustable
  4. Laser chiller intelligent thermostat with two temperature control mode, suitable for different use of the occasion; a variety of settings and fault display.
  5. With a variety of alarm protection: compressor delay protection; compressor overcurrent protection; water alarm; temperature high / low alarm.
  6. Multi-country power supply specifications, CE certification.
CW-5200AI / BI / DI: 3W / 5W / 8W UV laser marking machine; single 50W-75W semiconductor laser; single 15W-30W solid-state laser; single 30W metal RF tube

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Ultraviolet laser marking machine dedicated chiller marking machine chiller Collection chiller

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